Simple Taco Party Ideas

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taco party ideasLooking for Taco party ideas? – What more can be enjoyable than one’s favorite food, being a party theme?

Taco parties are all about fun and connecting, and tend to be less formal.

The food is literally, “the life of the party.”  The taco party decorations also need to be a consideration, although they are not a matter to split one’s hair over.  Keep everything simple, and focus on providing excellent food and company.

So, whether you are hosting a taco party for Cinco de Mayo, Taco Tuesday, birthday parties, or just a good afternoon with loved ones – you may appreciate the ideas that I have gathered up.  I loved the concept as I was planning for a family gathering.

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Taco party menu ideas

Taco party menu ideas aren’t that complex. A few Taco Tuesday recipes will give you enough variety to please everyone in your party.  Celebrations stand and fall on the quality and amount of food available.  Get this part right, and you will be a good taco party host.

To contribute to your taco party ideas – I have rounded up five taco party menu ideas.  I prefer to keep things simple, as it can be confusing to have to scroll through hundreds of ideas.

taco party menu ideas

Taco Party Menu Ideas from 5 recipes


  1. Pulled Pork Tacos with Pineapple
  2. Baked apple pie tacosPinterest
  3. Baked chicken tacosCookie Rookie
  4. Taco Tuesday Salad-Food Network
  5. Taco Tuesday Casserole – All Recipes

You can also offer a Taco bar with do-it-yourself taco filling options.  They come in handy if your guests have varying dietary requirements.

Taco Party Decorations

Taco bar decorations

Taco bar sign to add to your decorations

A must-consideration when searching for taco party ideas are the decorations.  A basic feature of Taco party decorations is the Taco bar sign. You can get one made, or simply get yourself a digital copy to print and frame at home (cheaper option)


Taco PillowTaco PillowTaco PillowTaco Pillow CaseTaco Pillow CaseTaco Pillow Case

One cannot go wrong with pillows – display them at the proper place in your Taco themed party.

taco party ideas

Source: Rustoleum

Your Taco party ideas and decor will be complete with a few planters and cactus decorations.

Rustoleum (above) has some few tips on setting up your own DIY planters

I hope these Taco Party ideas are simple enough to get you going, and even trigger more creativity. Feel free to share, pin or bookmark for future reference.