Rock painting ideas for kids

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Rock painting ideas for kids

**This post may contain affiliate links**

Rocks are free, and paint is not expensive -making these rock painting ideas for kids the perfect craft to keep them busy and creative.   These are suitable for both young and older children.  They are suitable for adults too! We can all do with the free relaxation technique 🙂

I’d love to let kids go wild with their paint and rocks, but having something to model after may help the not so creative child too.   Sometimes they need something to inspire the creativity.  I’ve collected the rock painting ideas for kids so that they can get a head start in enjoying their summertime creative activities.  I’ve also included popular rock painting kits in case finding smooth stones may be a challenge for some kids.

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rock painting ideas for kids

Awesome Rock Painting Ideas For Kids

As easy as these free rock painting ideas for kids are, finding rocks and pebbles that are suitable may be a challenge.  The beautiful part is that you can find the perfect stones here.

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Now, to the awesome list of rock painting ideas for kids!  Click on each link to get the full tutorial of a rock painting idea.

Rock painting kits

4M Natural Rock Art Kit4M Natural Rock Art KitCrayola Artist Studio: Rock PaintingCrayola Artist Studio: Rock PaintingPaint-a-Rock-Pet KitPaint-a-Rock-Pet Kit

Rock painting kits are perfect as they come with the needed supplies, as well as directions. As a mom who home schools and work from home at the same time – I don’t always have the time to shop for everything I need for creative activities.  Don’t you hate it when you want to do an activity, and you are one item short? It is also disappointing for the kids. The rock painting kits can be a lifesaver.

I hope I’ve saved a mom/dad some time by putting together these rock painting ideas for kids.  Do enjoy them 🙂