Fun physical activities for kids to do at home

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Physical activities for kids

Between rushing out of the house in the mornings, and throwing those school bags (just in time for homework) on the floor in the afternoons, kids rarely have any enthusiasm left for physical activities. The lack of physical activities for kids has led to sedentary lifestyles, which in turn lead to obesity and other lifestyle health issues. As parents, we are also tired from work – be it in the home or outside of the home.  We tend to default to a syndrome I call, “Parenting By TV.” It does not mean mom or dad are bad parents – but I am bringing it out to demonstrate how much the odds seem to gang up on us.

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physical activities for kids

Also, schools no longer pay as much attention to Physical Education as they used to. Homeschooling families have an opportunity here to turn things around and make time for physical activity every day, as part of their timetables.  In fact, I am planning to use the old car tires that are piling up in our garage as exercise equipment – for both myself and the kids. The beautiful part is that kids of all ages can benefit from them. There it is, my first idea for physical ideas for kids.

These physical activities for kids are a good starting point

Replacing the tech gadgets with outdoor games and toys is one of the most efficient ways to get kids to exercise. Physical activities rarely happen if mom and dad just send the kids outdoors. They come back to the house in a matter of minutes. Meet them halfway by availing some cool stuff for them to play.  Believe me; these tend to be much cheaper than the electronic gadgets 🙂

Play Ring Toss

Diggin PopOut Ring TossDiggin PopOut Ring TossThe Pop Out Ring Toss game is one of my favorite ways to get kids to exercise. The kids can play it both indoors and outdoors – but I’ll take outdoors anytime :-).

It is also an excellent tool for the family to bond over. Seeing that one has to aim and toss, the game is also good for hand-eye co-ordination, timing, and sequencing. Some occupational therapists do have this among their tools. The game is suitable for kids of all ages.

Some occupational therapists do have this among their tools. I am not surprised, as I learned with my now teen that most kids’ developmental problems could be alleviated or even discovered through play…..all the more reason to take physical activities for children seriously.

You cannot go wrong with a trampoline

Portable & Foldable Trampoline - 36Portable & Foldable Trampoline – 36Trampolines have made a comeback, and adults love them too. If you are serious about encouraging physical activities for kids, a trampoline is perfect as kids love them even more.

It is important to consider the size and weight of your kids before buying one. Trampolines also help improve motor skills, coordination, and sensory processing.

Like I mentioned in this post – we need to give the kids a reason to want to go outdoors and play.

The trampolines have a way of engaging children for hours on end. It may seem impossible from an adult point of view, but I see it happening all the time:-).

Swingball Outdoor Game

All Surface Swingball with Tether - Portable Tetherball SetAll Surface Swingball with Tether – Portable Tetherball Set

I owned a Swingball set once (for myself). I loved the exercise that it provided me, as fitting the gym into my busy schedule was not an option. I played it very well by myself.

That is the beauty of the Swingball – even an only child could get active all by themselves.

All that mom and dad need to do is to fill up the base with sand or water to keep it sturdy.

Most families end up playing swingball competitively. What a great way to teach the kids patience and endurance, while keeping fit?  Swingball is one of favorite physical activities for kids.

Add the good ol’ ball and frisbees to your physical activities for kids

4 Pack Flying Frisbee Discs Family Fun Group Game Variety of Colors Durable 8.7 Inch Frisbey Disk (Yellow)4 Pack Flying Frisbee Discs Family Fun Group Game Variety of Colors Durable 8.7 Inch Frisbey Disk (Yellow)New Big Giant Pet Dog Puppy Tennis Ball Thrower Chucker Launcher Play Toy H0E0New Big Giant Pet Dog Puppy Tennis Ball Thrower Chucker Launcher Play Toy H0E0

If you have a pet of the dog variety, your kids may enjoy playing catch with balls and frisbees.  It’s how I used to enjoy Saturday afternoons with my kids. Our pet made it much more fun too!

As you can see mom (dad), physical activities for kids are not a challenge at all. It is not necessary to spend on all these simple gadgets either. Choose one that resonates with your kids and let them play away.

To get kids to exercise need not be a matter of signing them up for sports, and transporting them to games.  Not that there is anything wrong with organized sports, but the fact that you are looking for physical activities for kids may be an indicator that at this point, organized sports are not a feasible option for the family.

What other physical activities can you recommend for kids? Help more moms and dads out.

Physical activities for kids