Painted pumpkins ideas for 2018

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I may be the least creative person alive, but I give credit where it is due.  I’ve found the most creative painted pumpkins ideas at a friends party, then got curious enough to dig for more.  Whether it’s for the Fall, Halloween season, or simple decor for parties – the creativity seems to capture the moment just the same.

My favorite painted pumpkins ideas

Doughnut Pumpkins

Painted pumpkins ideas

Source: Yahoo

It would be interesting to see what my daughter thinks of these pumpkins. Are they enough to change the little ones’ attitude towards veggies….I wonder?  All it takes is some frosting and sprinkles.  They can be a nice addition to the DIY Halloween Decorations For Kids.  Let them be different this Fall season, and almost, literally add some spice into their decor.

Chic  And Creative pumpkin designs

These are just cool! We are used to seeing painted pumpkins designs in yellow, probably for the Fall and Halloween. There is no reason why one cannot have some chic and creative pumpkin designs to reflect their sense of style. Calligraphy Pumpkins can design one for you. What I like is how these can be used for any decor style.  Honestly, I would leave them for longer after Fall.

Patterned Pumpkins

These are great for Halloween and would work well for someone like me who does not do creepy very well (l.o.l). They are relevant for the season, yet chic and classy enough to double as Fall decor.  Although the set above is store bought, it seems quite easy to pull off DIY on them.

Hand painted floral pumpkin

This craft is elegant and gorgeous!  Who said we have to settle for less than beautiful pumpkins because it is the Fall or Halloween?  I love the pumpkin paint color that has been used here, and these may vary to suit one’s tastes. The pumpkin reminds me of my mom’s China tea-set.

Tissue Paper Decorating on Pumpkins

One of my favorite creative pumpkin decorating ideas. It is minimalistic, but bold and obvious. You’ll get to keep your taste and still celebrate the season in style.

I hope you love the painted pumpkins ideas. If so, please share, tweet or pin, as well as paint on!