Hobbies for moms, and why they matter

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Hobbies For Moms
Hobbies For Moms

Being a mom is a joyful experience and journey, but it can be just as exhausting and emotionally draining. Balancing work, relationships, and motherhood leaves one with little time for themselves – hence the importance of digging up hobbies for moms so that you can have fulfilling activities that take you away from it all. These do not need to take ample time – even 30 minutes of switching off your mommy role could benefit your long-term well-being.

=============>These hobby ideas and craft kits may help.

Why hobbies for moms matter?

I believe that the current generation of moms is much more involved with their kids’ lives than before. The world is not getting any safer, making most parents uneasy with children walking to schools or other activities. Mom tends to find herself playing taxi to ensure that the kids arrive safely at school and other activities. Mid-week tends to be one emotional roller coaster for a mother, but thanks to some hobby ideas – it is much easier to take time out and focus on yourself (outside of being the mom).

Stress relief

Child and household care are repetitive tasks that can easily stress one out due to lack of stimulation. Finding hobbies for moms that will take you away from these will relieve you of stress. Passive activities like watching TV do not help much and may exacerbate the issue.

Personal Growth

Am I the only mom who finds herself chauffeuring the kids everywhere – yet completely eluded by the fact I also need to learn new things and grow? Hobbies for moms come in very handy in this area. You could be taking a class to learn a new skill or volunteering to a worthy cause, either way; you will be on a growth part.

Setting an example for the kids

I have a monthly women’s meeting that I attend at my church. Our focus is to add value to our immediate communities, so a lot of brainstorming is involved. My kids understand that they do not get to tag along as this is mommy’s time. Having hobbies as a mom helps to set the example and teach the kids to respect your boundaries as a person. The kids also deserve to know and love the person behind the “life-giving superhero mask.” 🙂

Expand your social circle

It could be that you are not a social person, but it sure does help to have 1 or 2 people that you socialize with outside of your kids and spouse. Hobbies that take place outside your home will afford you this opportunity.

Some hobbies involve sports, therefore provide you with an opportunity to exercise and be in great shape.

Hobbies for moms in their 20’s

When in your 20’s, you are likely to be a new mom and possibly overwhelmed by some of the sacrifices you have to make to be with family. This is also a time filled with opportunities to learn and explore ideas. Below are just a few hobbies moms in their 20’s would love. They are not cast in stone, but rather a trigger for more ideas.

Blogging – Blogging allows you to be mentally engaged while learning ample skills in the process. This is one hobby that can turn into a lucrative business later on. Blogging is also one of the favorite hobbies for stay at home moms.  It provides mental stimulation.

Cooking & Baking – it is tempting to survive on take-outs, but taking a cooking class will revive your social life, save you from bad calories as well as money spent fast foods. Baking tends to be creative and may turn out to be enjoyable.

Exercise classes – As a young mom, you could be struggling with a sudden shift in your social life. Group classes at the gym could fix that as they are fun, and tend to attract people who love life.

Volunteering for worthy causes -Taking a day or two a month to serve others could be what you need for time-off as a mom. Shifting your focus from your mom obligations for a short while will leave you refreshed and ready to go on at the same time.

Photography is also a fulfilling hobby, especially in this age of social media .  It is a hobby filled with capturing moments, and possibly future growth prospects.

Hobbies for moms in their 30’s

Once again, the list is not meant to put moms who are in their 30’s in a box. The hobbies can fit any mom who feels drawn to them.

Learn to play a music instrument – this can apply to any challenging skill. At this age, it can only be beneficial to challenge our mental faculties and get out of our comfort zones. Calligraphy seems to be a hobby of choice too!

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Travelling – this does not need to be an expensive hobby. I am amazed at the beauty and exciting events that take place within my own community and country. Traveling to neighboring towns and states does count as well, after all, there’s always tourists who come to your city or state to see stuff that you are yet to discover.

Camping & Hiking – A friend of mine has recently started a hiking and camping club. This is one of the most rewarding hobbies for moms. You develop a community around the love of nature, and the outdoors can only do you good.

More hobbies for moms like bowling are also useful for widening one’s social circle – not to mention that it is fun!

Hobbies for moms in the 50’s

My list of hobbies for moms in the 50’s is based on observation and not exhaustive. At this age, life for mom tends to take a different turn, i.e., children are unlikely to be home, there are grand-kids, etc. At this point, mom has some time in her hands to focus on herself.

There is nothing that a mom in her 50’s cannot take as a hobby if they are up to it.

It is interesting though that babysitting is always listed as one of the hobbies for moms in their 50’s. Young kids do bring joy to those who have received their colors in parenting. One grandma explained to me that they see it as a do-over. I know a few moms in this age group who decide to open day care centers.

With some responsibilities out of the way, this is also a time for traveling, learning new skills (I know a lot of mom bloggers within this age group), and volunteering to causes close to one’s heart.

I hope these hobbies for moms have triggered ideas of your own for exploration.
Help other readers out, what are your mom hobbies, and how do you make time for them?

hobbies for moms

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