Dairy Free And Healthy Alternative To Ice Cream

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healthy alternative to ice cream

I went hunting for a healthy alternative to ice cream because I do not like a feeling of deprivation (unless it is voluntary – lol). One of the reasons that I am embarking on a more plant-based diet is due to allergies and asthma.  Dairy causes me some adverse reactions (chronic coughing), and I do suspect that the asthma is also a bi-product of that.  I developed it as an adult, with no family history of the condition whatsoever.

Back to the ice cream, I almost gave up on ever enjoying this summer delicacy – with store-bought alternatives being ridiculously priced or just not that good on the taste buds.

It is likely that the ice cream substitute I make for myself is not that good either, but it does satisfy my need to indulge in ice cream once in a while.

What do you need to make this dairy free ice cream from home?

Not much, really..

Frozen strawberries, frozen bananas and coconut cream or milk

A good blender with sharp blades is best. The frozen strawberries can be hard blend. I do add some more liquid in the form of water should this be the case. If you make use of coconut milk, you should be fine.

Plain yogurt would work just as well if you do take dairy products.  It is still healthier than store-bought ice cream. 

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Yield: 4Author: Zee M.

Healthy Alternative To Ice Cream

This is my attempt a healthy alternative to ice cream. It is dairy free and does leave me content.


  • 1 Frozen Banana
  • 1 cup of strawberries
  • 1/2 cup of coconut cream



  1. Slice the frozen banana
  2. Pour coconut cream into your blender
  3. Add frozen banana
  4. Thoroughly blend together
  5. Slowly add strawberries to the blender


Unlike the banana, frozen strawberries become harder once frozen hence you need to put in a few at a time. If you are still experiencing a difficulty with blending the strawberries, feel free to add some water (very little at a time). You can always put the ice cream in the freezer for the desired texture

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Why is this a healthy alternative to ice cream?

The main ingredients of my healthy alternative to ice cream are strawberries and banana:

  1. Strawberries have high antioxidants, help with good eye health, boosts immunity and a whole lot of other health benefits.  I chose the strawberries because, once blended they provide the desired texture. It is a pleasant surprise that my dairy-free ice cream offers rich nutrition as well.
  2. Bananas do help alleviate asthma symptoms (find the study here). They also contain B6 vitamins and will help with improving the mood as well as relaxation.  Bananas have high iron content (a plus for me as I struggle with low iron levels). Vegetarians and vegans could benefit immensely from this piece of fruit.
  3. The coconut cream is the dairy alternative in this ice cream substitute. Coconut cream can help fight against flu,skin and yeast infections.  Always use unsweetened coconut cream in your healthy ice cream alternative.
  4. Store bought ice cream can have anything from 150-250 calories, as well as high fat content. This ice cream alternative has 100 calories per serving.

I’m looking forward to learning about your health alternative to ice cream – whether it is dairy free or not.  Enjoy…and Pin the post if you find it useful.

dairy free ice cream

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