Personal And Health Benefits Of Being A Vegetarian

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health benefits of being vegetarianOn this first blog post, I will be breaking down my personal reasons, as well as the benefits of being a vegetarian.  Let me be honest and clarify that mine is a journey towards less meat, as well as some days of going entirely vegan.

After struggling with the low-carb/high-fat lifestyle for two years, I’ve concluded that the plant-based way of eating is probably my best bet.

Our diet was mostly this way, growing up.  The meat was a delicacy reserved for feasting and Sunday lunches.

I am also planning to do away with the yo-yo dieting and introduce an eating lifestyle that suits the whole family. Being asthmatic also forces me to explore different things that could benefit my health.

Meat is also calorie-dense, and the reality is that I tend to overeat it.  Learning to cook vegetarian dishes will help me to reduce its consumption.

Advantages of being a vegetarian (personal)

Let me get started on MY reasons for transitioning to a mainly vegetarian lifestyle.

  • One of the most significant advantages of being vegetarian for me is that I find it easier to lower my calorie intake when consuming fruits and veggies more.
  • I will not have to cook separate meals for myself.  Most diets I’ve been on are not family friendly.
  • I will be fasting from animal products twice a week (spiritual discipline).  It makes no sense to me not to use this opportunity to change my lifestyle for good.
  • Depending on where you are, but vegetables and fruits tend to be cheaper than meat and processed foods. 

Now to the health benefits of being a vegetarian. I did some studying to couple up with I see as common sense:

Health benefits Of Being Vegetarian 

Studies indicate that:

  • People who are on the vegetarian diet tend to have lower BMI when compared to their meat-eating counterparts.  I am confident that this study was not looking at people who have substituted their meat habits for potatoes though – however, as one who has yo-yo dieted for most of her adult life, I am willing to discount this.
  • When done correctly, a vegetarian diet relies more on fruits and vegetables, forgoing processed foods to avoid hidden meat ingredients in them
  • Vegetarian diets reduce the risk of certain cancers. Find the info here

The conclusions of the studies can be refuted. However, there is no harm (in my case) for moving towards the vegetarian lifestyle.

health benefits of being vegetarianMany societies have survived throughout the ages and cultures without meat as a staple.  The Mediterranean cultures are a perfect example of that.

Having explored the health benefits of being a vegetarian, I am open to embracing this way of eating and explore vegetarian cooking and recipes.

I am excited about the prospect of discovering other ways of nourishing myself.