Free printable cursive worksheets

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Are you looking for free printable cursive worksheets to help your little ones to perfect their penmanship?  My daughter had finished 2nd grade when we decided to homeschool them. I realized later on that,  teaching her cursive handwriting was now on me. That did make me hesitate a bit; cursive writing was extremely difficult for me.  I remember it as if it were yesterday.  Well, we had no worksheets to trace over in my school. One had to pay attention to what the teacher was doing on the chalkboard.  Fortunately for us all, now we can find free printable cursive worksheets online, or buy workbooks that will teach the kids to write correctly.  These worked wonders for us.

=====>Do you prefer workbooks? You’ll find good ones here

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free printable cursive worksheets

List of free printable cursive worksheets

With just a printer, you can get going on teaching your 3rd grader cursive writing.  I found some useful free printable worksheets below:

Why does cursive writing matter?

I’ll be honest and admit that this question tends to pop up a lot in homeschooling circles. As parents, we could take the easier route and ignore it completely, while the kids continue to use print. Personally, I was never comfortable with this option. It made sense for me that my daughter should have penmanship options.

After reading a bit, I’m learning some wonderful benefits of cursive writing:

  • Cursive writing is said to help the brain integrates various functions like sensation, movement, thinking and control in the most efficient way possible.
  • Since one has to pay attention and thought when handwriting, fine motor skills are perfected in the process.
  • It also stimulates left and right brain coordination.

Dr. David Sortino also lays down the mechanics and science behind the improvements demonstrated by students once they take up cursive writing.

=====>Worried that the free printable cursive worksheets won’t be economical on ink? You can get workbooks here

Whether you go with printables or physical cursive writing workbooks, I know that you will teach your little cursive writing successfully.

Wishing you the best of luck!