Easy Easter Craft Ideas Kids Love

As a Sunday School teacher, I am always on the lookout for ways to keep the kids’ interest and engagement on a high. Playing is the best form of learning for kids, so I dug up easy Easter craft ideas kids love. It was a surprise for me when the ideas inspired me to come up with my creation. That never happens as I am the most “non-creative” person I have ever met!

On this blog post, I will share what we did with Aya (my 9-year-old daughter), as well as few other projects by other families.

Easy Easter Craft Ideas Kids Love

2-Dimensional Easter Craft Basket & Eggs

Easy Easter Craft Ideas Kids

This was easier than we thought. Aya was not thrilled to have to do a craft project on a Sunday afternoon. This is usually a time for her friends. She did enjoy it a lot, though.

What you need to get started:

1. A basket coloring page
2. Egg coloring page
3. A big cereal box
4. Glue
5. Scissors
6. Coloring pencils/crayons

The intention was to create something that we can use to decorate the wall or have a kid carrying it around when playing. A simple coloring page would not do that, hence the hard cereal box.

Step by step

Easy Easter craft ideas kids
Easy Easter craft ideas kids love

1. Cut out the two bigger sides of the cereal box
2. Paste the basket and egg templates on the pieces that you cut out.
3. When the glue has dried up, cut out the basket according to the outlineDo the same with the eggs (you must also cut the eggs in half).

fun easter crafts for kids

4. Color the basket and the eggs with your favorite colors.
5. Glue the eggs and arrange them “inside your basket,” such that it will look like a basket full of eggs.

That’s all there is to this Easter craft.  I promised Aya that we’ll take down one of my small Canvas paintings and put her creation up instead.

Next, are the Easy Easter Craft Ideas Kids love from other members of the blogosphere.  We’ll be trying more of them, seeing that Eastertide is not here yet.

Pom Pom Painting

fun easter craft ideas
Via Crafty Morning

Eggs symbolize a new life, making them resonate with the Christian Easter message, as well as the fact that it is Spring in the Northern Hemisphere (new beginnings, new life, nature resurrects). Forgive the Sunday School teacher in me 😀. I just could not resist the lesson.
This is a good Easter craft for toddlers and even younger kids. It’s a nice way to keep everyone involved. You need very few things to get started. Thank you, Crafty Morning!

I love the paper bunny craft

fun easter craft ideas
Via Easy Peasy And Fun

My daughter thinks these are just too cute!  It is a done deal then, we’ll be trying it.

Empty tomb doughnuts (Yummy)

easter crafts for kids
Via Today’s Kids Ministry

I love these “chocolatey” and yummy doughnut crafts. They have chocolate and baked goodies in them, and they proclaim the Easter message loud and clear.
This could work for my class. This must take the cake (no pun intended) on the list of Easy Easter Craft Ideas Kids Love.

I hope you have found one craft to implement among these Easy Easter Craft Ideas Kids Love. Please do share or pin for friends and family!

What do you think of our Easter Craft? do you consider yourself a creative person?

6 thoughts on “Easy Easter Craft Ideas Kids Love

  • April 4, 2017 at 7:32 pm

    This is great we’re off to grandmas for Easter weekend and I needed some activists to keep the girls entertained

  • April 5, 2017 at 2:12 am

    These are some great crafts. Of course my favorite is the chocolatey donut craft. Anything with chocolate and my daughter would be sold on the idea.

  • April 5, 2017 at 8:02 am

    This is really awesome. Another fun and interactive activity with the kids this coming easter!


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