free printable cursive worksheets

Free printable cursive worksheets

Are you looking for free printable cursive worksheets to help your little ones to perfect their penmanship?  My daughter had…

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physical activities for kids

Fun physical activities for kids to do at home

Physical activities for kids Between rushing out of the house in the mornings, and throwing those school bags (just in…

my child hates reading

Practical tips to get your child to read more

How do you get your child to read more in the midst of all the distractions? Television, cell phones, computers,…

homework causing stress

Is homework causing stress for you and your kid?

I know what it feels like to have homework causing stress for a mom, dad, and child. It was a…

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Hobbies for moms, and why they matter

Hobbies For Moms Being a mom is a joyful experience and journey, but it can be just as exhausting and…

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